The Appearance of Natural Slate

Cembrit Berona Structured

Hight performance slate

Cembrit Berona Xxtra Graphite 

Cembrit Berona Stonedge 

Cembrit Berona Graphite

Cembrit Berona Structured

Berona Structured fibre cement roof slate is the top of the range double lap slate, which combines the sleek, consistent appearance of the man-made product, with the surface and edge close to that of natural slate. With all the guarantees and accreditations you would expect from a leading manufacturer, Berona Structured offers the attractive appearance of a natural slate. Berona Structured slate has an appearance very close to that of natural slate and is available in two standard sizes, 60x30 and 50x24. Double slates are also available to suit these sizes. Berona Structured slate offers savings and convenience due to No Grading, No Wastage, No Breakages, more slates fitted per day and comes with a 30 year Structural Guarantee and a 20 year Colour Guarantee.

Cembrit Berona Xxtra

Cembrit Berona Xxtra is a high performance slate with a smooth surface and straight edge. It is a popular fibre cement roof slate due to the extended colour warranty Cembrit offers on Berona Xxtra.

Cembrit Berona Black/Graphite

Cembrit Berona Black/Graphite,  smooth square edged fibre cement slates are the most popular fibre cement roof slates in the Cembrit range. Cost effective, lightweight, easy to cut and install this format appeals to all those involved with complex roofs where heavier interlocking products have neither the finished appearance of a sleek natural slate roof nor the speed of installation that Cembrit Berona offers.

Cembrit Berona Stonedge

If you are looking to recreate the appearance of a fine grained natural slate, or your roof pitch is too shallow to see the full effect of a textured surface, Cembrit Berona Stonedge slates with their dressed edges and smooth surface are the cost-effective option. Cembrit Berona Stonedge slates have a low profile with an authentic random dressed edges, creating a more natural appearance than flat interlocking tiles. 

Cembrit Berona Ridges

Cembrit Fibre Cement Ridge available in 75°, 90°, 105°, 120° and 135° matching the colour of our slates and are dry fixed. Cembrit also offer ridges suitable for mono-pitched roofs.