Cembrit companies have been manufacturing corrugated sheets for more than a century since production first began in 1910. The experience and knowledge gained during this time enables us today to produce fibre cement roofing and cladding products that are unbeatable in terms of quality and value.

Cembrit’s Cemsix is a fully compressed fibre cement corrugated sheet with the traditional 6” profile incorporating polypropylene strengthening strips for enhanced safety. Cemsix sheets are rust, rot and corrosion resistant and because fibre cement is vapour permeable, Cemsix will absorb moisture therefore reducing condensation. These benefits give Cemsix sheets a greater expected lifespan when compared with steel and lead to reduced repair and maintenance costs.

Animal welfare is also improved using Cembrit as the acoustic issues that can upset livestock, such as rain drum noise, is reduced creating a more benign internal environment.

Cembrit is produced to the highest European standards and is Dept. Of Agriculture grant approved.

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