Cembrit Solid

Through coloured


Fire class

8x1192x292 mm
8x1192x592 mm
8x1192x2500 mm
8x1192x3050 mm
8x1250x2500 mm
8x1250x3050 mm
8x2392x292 mm
8x2392x592 mm
8x2992x592 mm

Kalasataman Korttelitalo

Apartments Geel Belgium

Salpakankaan koulu - Hollola

Tampereen Ammattikorkeakoulu - Tampere

Technopolis II - Lappeenranta

Fladstrandsparken - Frederikshavn

ЖК life-Волжская

Апартаменты на ул. Берзарина

Апарт отель

Oddemarka B1 - Kristiansand, Vest-Agder

Fløtningen Park - Skien, Telemark

Os Sjøfront - Os, Hordaland

Östra Karups förskola

Vardefjellet, Frogner, Akershus

Sandødegården Boligprosjekt - Oppland - Norge

Søvikmarka, Bergen, Hordaland

Kvarteret Storken - Kalmar

Paletten - Vallastaden, Linköping

Vikaholmsallén - Växjö

Väktaren 24, studentbostäder - Värnamo

Biltema Tiller, Trøndelag


Greina BRL, Oppland

Wrocław, Galeria Pilczycka Viktor, Dokerska 2a

Wrocław, Punkt Piękna, Apartamenty

Product No. Through coloured Fire class Thickness Width Length
43010256 Yes A2,s1-d0 8 mm 1192 mm 292 mm
43010255 Yes A2,s1-d0 8 mm 1192 mm 592 mm
43010039 Yes A2,s1-d0 8 mm 1192 mm 2500 mm
43010603 Yes A2,s1-d0 8 mm 1192 mm 3050 mm
43010254 Yes A2,s1-d0 8 mm 2392 mm 292 mm
43010253 Yes A2,s1-d0 8 mm 2392 mm 592 mm
43010252 Yes A2,s1-d0 8 mm 2992 mm 592 mm
43010433 Yes A2,s1-d0 8 mm 1250 mm 3050 mm
43010432 Yes A2,s1-d0 8 mm 1250 mm 2500 mm


Cembrit Facade System


Installation manual Cembrit Facade


On-site handling


Cembrit Small Module installation manual


Cembrit Small Module brochure


Safety Datasheet Cembrit Cover, Solid, Transparent (EU)


043 DoP Cembrit Solid


CE 2016 043DoP Cembrit Solid


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