07. March 2015

Gorsgoch Village Hall - Ceredigion

Cembrit B5 Natural Grey


Country: United Kingdom Type: Public Year: 2015 Architect: Huw Davis, Pensaer HD Category: Roofing Product: B5 Natural Grey Natural grey Cembrit B5 fibre cement corrugated sheet is used to replace asbestos cement sheets on this refurbishment of a local authority community centre.


Gorsgoch village hall, originally built in 1949 was closed for a number of years and required refurbishment, including replacement of the old asbestos roofing. The architect, Huw Davies from Pensaer HD, inspired by the use of B5 on low pitched holiday chalets in the area, chose the versatile and aesthetically pleasing modern fibre cement corrugated sheets. The material has been used to transform the 60 year-old village hall and improve the roof’s performance through its superior water shedding capacity, when compared with the widely used 3" profile. Natural grey B5 corrugated sheets provides an attractive roof profile in keeping with the building’s style, with a natural finish that blends in well with the countryside setting. The contractor Jeff Thomas, used a Plain Wing Angle Ridge which combines with the corrugated sheet to provide continuous ridge ventilation. The rust and rot free B5 Corrugated Sheet is an efficient solution to clad or repair single-storey buildings and can be used on low pitched roofs as low as 5°, even lower than concrete tiles! B5 is available in 12 lengths ranging from 4’6”-10' 6" Cembrit B5 is often chosen to replace asbestos roof coverings as well as traditional 3” profile galvanised steel or fibre cement corrugated sheet.