17. March 2022

Cembrit’s position on Russia's invasion of Ukraine

We at Cembrit are strongly condemning Russia’s unlawful and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and we are very concerned about the social and humanitarian repercussions this will have in Ukraine. It is heartbreaking to follow the demolition and pain being inflicted on Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people that has to live through this disaster. The invasion may also have pervasive human, political and economic implications in Europe, outside Ukraine, and in particular it may cause anxiety in the countries bordering Russia and Ukraine. Cembrit sincerely hopes for an immediate end and peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

The European Union and US have jointly enacted trade sanctions against Russia. Cembrit supports these sanctions. Cembrit has for the time being discontinued all sales activities and deliveries to Russia and stopped all purchases of material from Russia as well as closed our Russian web-site. Cembrit will not start up business in Russia before a lasting peaceful end has been achieved for this unlawful invasion of Ukraine.

We believe the invasion is a result of erroneous decisions by the Russian government and that it does not represent the desire of the people of Russia. Therefore we ask everybody who may encounter people from Russia through their work at Cembrit, to treat them with the usual respect. One of Cembrit’s core values is treating everyone with respect and integrity. Respectful behavior starts with respecting our colleagues and the differences among us.

Cembrit is taking care of affected employees. In case of concern and distress we encourage our employees to contact their direct managers or local HR for assistance.

To support the Ukrainian people suffering from the invasion Cembrit Group has made a donation for humanitarian support.

Jørn Mørkeberg Nielsen

President & CEO