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Cembrit Patina Signature

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Discover the the possibilities coming along with our latest product – Cembrit Patina Signature.  Turn your building into your canvas

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 Web-optimised PDF for perfect display on a wide range of devices and screen sizes 52 pages of packed information on the product Cembrit Patina Signature for design with ornaments for communication with signs Over 20 comprehensive design ideas in detail and as wall concept. Be inspired by contemporary patterns or enrich the modern material fibre cement with the tradition of classical ornamentation.

Cembrit Patina Signature

Concept book 

Be inspired by contemporary patterns or enrich the  modern material fibre cement with the tradition of classical ornamentation.

Cembrit Patina Signature -
more than a modern  Ornament

 Today, ornaments represent a new perspective in architecture. Often, ornaments are not used in planning due to cost reasons or a complex façade construction. With Patina Signature, Cembrit offers an economical solution that can be planned without great effort and that reflects the symbolic power of ornamentation in the modern façade. Cembrit combines „form follows function“ with the tradition of ornamentation

Cembrit Patina Signature - Plays with the scenery

Especially the arrangement of patterns, textures or motifs worked out by sandblasting creates special perceptions in combination with the chosen and surrounding colours, creates special impressions. The integration of themes, motifs and patterns with Cembrit Patina Signature not only allows to adapt to the environment, but also connects it to the façade or blends into it. Decorations, colours, materials and proportions create grain, patina, light effects or contrasts to avoid the emptiness of pure functionalism.

Cembrit Patina Signature -
Communicating buildings

The development of new façade technologies, such as Patina Signature, allows for communicative design. Signs of various kinds are an indispensable part of every building. Without them, everyday operations would be disrupted. They guide you to the right place and person and important information could not be communicated without signs. With the economical application of Patina Signature, architects will find efficient solutions in design based communication.

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