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Cembrit Patina Original

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Cembrit Patina Design Line

Each facade board comes with slight variations in structure and surface to accommodate the demands from architects and builders across the world, who are looking for a characteristic texture and a vibrant expression from the façade.

Cembrit Patina Visualiser

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Cembrit Patina inline


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Walking the line between
shadow and light

Cembrit Patina Inline represents the strength and durability of fibre cement. With milled linear grooves in the facade board, Patina Inline gives a 3D effect to the building. The featured lines, in combination with the natural light and viewing angle, give a lively look that keeps changing throughout the day.

And although the Cembrit Patina Rough is a
one-of-a-kind board, it is not a lone soldier. It enjoys
the interplay with e.g. the Cembrit Patina Original
board in buildings where it is the perfect way to
highlight or enhance specific areas

Cembrit Patina Original

Anything but ordinary

Meet a façade board that may be standard, yet is anything but ordinary. It can be trusted for years and years to come. It comes in natural timeless colours and patinates beautifully over time. It evolves and changes the expression of your building.

Cembrit Patina rough


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Smooth on the outside. Tough on the inside.

Cembrit Patina Rough is a rustic fibre cement board with a tough, textured surface. Behind it's rugged outside, is the steady core of high-quality fibre cement - a material, ideal for exterior and interior façade. Patina Rough is a genuinely through-coloured board with a sand-blasted surface, that gives an attractive stone-effect finish to the building design.