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Cembrit Patina - through coloured autoclaved cladding

Cembrit Patina is an A rated, through coloured fibre cement board with a directional grain in a selection of pastel shades. Cembrit Patina weathers in a way that is similar to natural mineral cladding material, acquiring a patina that enhances the natural variation in the sheets. Popular with designers due to it's subtle colouring and through coloured composition Cembonit - Patina has been installed on prestigious projects across Europe, United Kingdom and Ireland for many years.

Cembrit Solid - cladding offering colour and durability

The combination of a water based acrylic surface coating with a fibre cement base board pigmented with matching colour, creates an extended lasting decorative cladding with a range of vivid colour options that will hide scratches, impact damage and the effects of weathering.

Cembrit Cover – a wide range of colourful claddings

Commonly chosen to accent design features or make a bold statement with your building’s façade, Cembrit Cover offers an impressive selection of NCS colours. From sombre blacks and greys to bright red supplemented by shades of green, blue and yellow, if you cannot find what you need from the standard range, call us to ask about made to order colours from any of the 2000 NCS colours available.

Cembrit Transparent – matt finish, through coloured cladding

The transparent is a  range of specially selected earth tones with which you can achieve a natural stone-like effect with the added advantages of lightweight rainscreen application. Popular on up-market residential developments and prestigious public buildings, Transparent is chosen for its looks and durability.

Cembrit Plank - fibre cement weatherboard

Cembrit Plank, is an autoclaved fibre cement weatherboard. Used on new or refurbishment projects where a long-lasting, weatherproof façade is required. Installed in the same way as timber weatherboarding, your design will look like genuine timber but with a much longer lasting working life. Fibre cement weatherboard reduces the overall maintenance cost of the façade when compared with wood. Fibre cement can withstand heat gain far better than UPVC weatherboard which means darker colours are not an issue.

CPD Presentation RIAI Approved 

The Use of Natural Fibre Cement in Architectural Facades This CPD aims to discuss the origins and use of rainscreen. Topics covered will include the basic principles of rainscreen, the advantages, possible concerns, façade panels, wind tight layers, types of fixings and health & safety. By the end of the seminar you should have a greater understanding of: - What a rainscreen is and its first uses - Risk of fire - The advantages of fibre cement rainscreen - The production process - Principles of an open rainscreen  - Different subframe options available - Design ideas