high-performance building board

Cembrit Multi Force

Cembrit Multi Force

Building boards are among the most fundamental components of modern construction. The ability to protect and shield the building and the assets inside, is what makes these boards, essential to sustainable buildings. A high-performance building board like Cembrit Multi Force offers applications where requirements cannot be met by commonly used gypsum or wood building boards. These building boards are used in many varied locations and has wide-scale applications across market segments. Cembrit Multi Force covers everything from weather barriers on private houses to fire barriers on high-rise buildings.

The ideal choice for your building requirements

Cembrit Multi Force is designed to meet all your building requirements – the tougher these requirements are, the more obvious is the choice of Cembrit Multi Force. This capability to add more value is what makes Cembrit Multi Force, a unique solution.   A versatile and multi-functional building board, Cembrit Multi Force provides higher strength at low weight. In addition, the building board is easily recognized by its cement grey colour with a glitter in the surface. Made of cement, limestone, minerals and reinforced with a specially selected fibre material, Cembrit Multi Force is particularly resistant to moisture.

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Applications of Cembrit Multi Force

Cembrit Multi Force is the perfect choice for many wall structures and purposes therefore making it ideal for various types of buildings with different applications.