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Cembrit Construction is an uncoated, untreated cladding sheet that goes back to basics: Natural grey homogeneous fibre-cement with a cementitious appearance. Behind the straightforward, yet subtle authenticity, are strong properties. These sheets are durable, dimensionally stable, impact resistant and are easy to work with. The material will withstand extreme climates, resist rot and fungus, and – like all fibre-cement – is composed of natural materials. Cembrit Construction combines value for money with environmental awareness, making it ideal for contemporary building. Cembrit Construction sheets are supplemented by a complete range of accessories to ensure simple, easy installation and a sleek, stylish end result that will last longer. Cembrit Construction is a high quality fibercement building board used as both a building board as well as a part of a ventilated facade solution.

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Safety Datasheet Cembrit Construction (EU)


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Safety Datasheet Cembrit Construction (EU)


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