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Berona Range

Cembrit Slates

Berona fibre cement slate is a high-performance solution for all pitch roof applications.

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Cembrit B5 & Cemsix

Corrugated Sheets

Cembrit offers many different options for beautiful, durable and maintenance-free roofing products. Explore our many variants and colour options in Corrugated sheeting.

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Cembrit Interior

Indoor wall and panel solutions from Cembrit

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500x242 Fibre Cement Slate


Cembrit Berona Structures 50

Economic alternative to natural slates, No wastage, No sorting or grading, Consistent quality & appearance, 20 year colour warranty

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Cembrit Visualiser

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Cembrit Plank

Cembrit Plank is fibre cement board that is the ideal solution to replace the use of high maintenance wood on your façade.

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Cembrit News

Swisspearl Group AG acquires Cembrit

Cembrit’s position on Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Product Range

Cembrit Colourful design-line

Colour is an integral design element of any project, not just in the natural environment, but also in an architectural setting. Colourful façade boards are one such way of generating visual comfort and drawing attention at the same time.

Add colour and life to the building design, that you have envisioned in your mind, with the façade boards from Cembrit Colourful design line - Cembrit Cover, Cembrit Solid and Cembrit Transparent.


Cembrit Visualiser

Cembrit Facades

Cembrit facade panels

Cembrit Patina is a homogeneous, practical rain cover. Cembrit Solid is an intensely pigmented, acrylic-coated fiber cement board. Cembrit Cover is a coated facade cladding made of decorative fiber cement with more than 2000 NCS® © colors made to order, that are available depending on the quantity and extended delivery times. Tinted translucent topcoat, on a matching pigmented fiber cement base, makes Cembrit Transparent a solid-coloured cladding panel. Cembrit Plank is ready painted in different colours or primed for processing on-site.

Cembrit Patina Inline


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Cembrit Patina design line

 The Cembrit Patina design line is a range of natural and authentic through-coloured facade boards with unique features.

Testing & Certification

Testing & Certifications

Cembrit is committed to ensuring that our products are tested to the highest quality and safety standards.   Cembrit corrugated sheeting, façade Patina and building boards Windstopper Extreme have been independent UKAS systems accredited organisations such as the Centre for Window & Cladding Technology (CWCT), Cambridge Fire Research, SINTIF and British Board of Agrement (BBA) for Fire Resistance Air Leakage, Water Penetration, Wind Resistance and Impact

Cembrit Multi Force

Cembrit Multi-Force

Cembrit Multi Force functional board is the ideal solution in cases where lightweight walls and ceilings have to be able to withstand exceptionally hard use.   Cembrit Multi Force functional boards are made of cement and limestone filler, reinforced- with a specially selected fibre material. They have a special surface that is particularly resistant to moisture, impact and other kinds of heavy-duty use. Cembrit Multi Force functional boards are sound absorbent and non-combustible, and also resistant to both rot and mould. It is a high quality multi-purpose fiber cement board used for indoor applications.

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Technical Service

Cembrit Ireland Technical Services can help you with any technical questions you might have regarding any of our Cembrit products.  Architects & Engineers can book a Cembrit RIAI approved CPD on The Use Of Natural Fibre Cement In Architectural Facades.